There are many hunting spots to choose from, many with doors that you can't go into until u are a certain level to help u from dying while exploring.

List of Hunting Spots by levelEdit

  • Rotworms/Carrion Worms (Sewers)
  • Penguins (Xoletion Tundra)
  • Tortoises (Turtle Cove)
  • Dwarfs (Crystal Mines)
  • Cyclops (Cyclops Mountain)
  • Dragons (Dragonfire Peak, or in Dragon Hell)
  • Giant Spiders (Swamps of Silk)
  • Apes (Huh-Bu-Bah Jungle)
  • Heroes (Sanctioned Cave)
  • Dragon Lords (Dragon Lord Hell)
  • Undead (Fields of Erie)
  • Yeti's (Xoletion Tundra)
  • Necromancers/Warlocks (Temple of Dark Necromancy)
  • Frost Dragons (Xoletion Peak)
  • Nightmares/Mutateds (Wise Man Plains)
  • Wyrms (Purple Mist Peak)
  • Hydras (Huh-Bu-Bah Peak)
  • Fire eles/Massive Fire Eles/Hellfire Fighters (Fiery Hell of Wise Man Plains)
  • Demons (Hell)
  • POI (Hell)

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