Addons are earned in a unique way. They are given to you kinda like a milestone reward for your level. I will be updating this site once i find out which addon comes with which level. so far as i am only 175, i only know all the addons up to my lvl.

Section headingEdit



40 Full Citizen

Full Hunter

60 Full Mage
70 Nothing
80 Full Knight
90 Full Nobleman

Full Summoner

110 Nothing
120 Full Warrior
125 Full Barbarian
130 Full Druid
135 Full Wizard
140 Nothing
150 Full Oriental
155 Full Pirate
160 Nothing
170 Full Assassin
175 Full Beggar

These are all the addons you get per level. It is a rumor that at lvl 275 is when u get your last and final addon. But until someone gets it we will never know :O!